NGO "International Organization of Internally Displaced Persons with disabilities"


For the second year in a row, Ukrainian children are forced to celebrate New Year’s holidays far from home, abroad. A powerful team of magicians and sorceresses joined the campaign “Give a child a miracle!” We were able to bring positivity, joy, smiles, good emotions and a piece of our Ukrainian warmth to families located in Latvia, Poland, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Sweden. Communication, communication, emotions, hugs from compatriots are extremely necessary for everyone who is abroad, especially for children. It is difficult to imagine what trials Ukrainian families have faced, but their optimism, faith and support are the basis of today. Our girls and boys have health problems, their fates are complicated by war and evacuation, so there is an urgent need to hold holidays, master classes, socio-cultural events and gifts.

Miracles happen where they are believed!

The action was held with the support of IO “World of Ukraine” and NGO “AMI – East”.

Financial support from the Global Fund for Children.

Logistical assistance of the Luhansk Regional Center for Socio-Cultural Adaptation of Youth with Physical Disabilities.