NGO "International Organization of Internally Displaced Persons with disabilities"


It is difficult to imagine the work of any institution, and even more so a rehabilitation center, without electricity.

In our conditions, the phrase “electricity is life” no longer takes on a figurative, but a direct meaning.
We especially felt the lack of light last winter, experiencing rolling blackouts and unstable voltage during peak periods.
The crisis situation forced us to think about alternative power sources.
For a short-term reserve, the facility has a standard generator. But for the full operation of the institution, this was not enough.

Help came with the assistance of Tatiana Barantsova and the organization Sunflower Seeds Ukraine and personally Andy Lenec

Thank you to our friends for participating in the fate of the Center, attention and timely help

Your actions are an example of kindness, selflessness, and caring for people.

The installation of solar panels is a guarantee of our smooth operation, as well as one of the ways that we can help protect the environment and reduce dependence on grid electrical supply.

This is the most environmentally friendly and efficient way to generate energy.