NGO "International Organization of Internally Displaced Persons with disabilities"


” Golden autumn… ” under this name, a holiday was held with the participation of students of the Center, guests: Oleg Ivanenko, Tatiana Barantsova, Yulia Suvorova, Igor Meshchan . A fun, relaxed atmosphere, sincere children’s smiles, a fountain of emotions from the soap bubble show. Vivid impressions of children’s works….

The students presented their works to the guests.

The autumn holiday is so cozy and gentle) aims not only to develop children and adapt, but, first of all, to overcome psychological stresses that arise against the background of war.

Thank You Oleg Ivanenko Natalia Serdyuk !

Thank you to the staff of the Brovary Center for rehabilitation of children with disabilities for their professionalism and care for children!