NGO "International Organization of Internally Displaced Persons with disabilities"


Olga told how since February 24, 2022, she has lived for two months in the basement of her specialized school with her students. After all, not all parents had the opportunity to come and pick up their children, because they were already under occupation. After all, to hire a private carrier, it was necessary to pay a lot of money (13-14 thousand hryvnias per person), which the woman did not have. Rent a house in Kryvyi Rih, paying only for services, and then moved to Rovno, where her family found a job. They were mentally hard going through the move, and everyone hoped that they would return home to Kremennaya. Unfortunately, now Olga has nowhere to return, because her apartment has been destroyed and is located in the occupied territory.

Lilia also shared her story of forced relocation from Crimea. She is a representative of the International Organization Of Displaced Persons With Disabilities “World Of Ukraine” in Chernivtsi region. Ms. Lilia is also a teacher of a specialized institution for children with disabilities. The woman spoke about the difficult adaptation of children who left the war zone and their psychological problems.