NGO "International Organization of Internally Displaced Persons with disabilities"


To the chairman Of The Board Of The NGO International Organization Of Displaced Persons With Disabilities “World Of Ukraine”
Gaydamaki Vladimir Viktorovich place of residence Luhansk region Severodonetsk, Fedorenko STR. 16-17
Place of temporary stay Italy via Antonio de Francisco 120, 10036 Settimo Torinese

Application form

We ask you to assist in the removal of our family consisting of 3 people: Gaydamak Vladimir, born in 1958, disabled person of the 1st group of wheelchair users, Gaydamak Raisa, born in 1963, disabled person of the 1st group of wheelchair users, and orphaned grandchildren, who is in our care of Gaydamak Diana, born in 2008, from the territory of the Italian Red Cross camp, where we have been since April 2022, and live in a modular metal house that is not adapted for permanent residence and does not have a heating system. Also, monotonous food (rice and pasta daily) has a very negative impact on the health of wheelchair users and the child. They can’t find us a second place, so that there are conditions that meet the requirements of stay for wheelchair users and even with a child.