NGO "International Organization of Internally Displaced Persons with disabilities"


In 2014 and 2022, millions of Ukrainian children survived the evacuation.
All our thoughts seem to be about children. All for the sake of the children.
Especially during the war, when the danger is not only from the enemy threat.

🔺 Powerful stresses.
🔺 Psychological injuries.
🔺 Destruction of internal kinship relations.
🔺 Separation of the child from the parents and the parents from the child in case of relocation and evacuation outside the state.

Often, only the mother took children out, less often – grandmothers, very rarely – outsiders who saved children despite family ties.

It is difficult for everyone, and it is most difficult for children because their crystal and bright childhood world received broken rays and not rainbow spectra, the consequences of which will remain for the rest of their life.

But now I would like to focus the attention of parents on the danger which is especially real for children abroad.

But there are cases in Ukraine as well.

Using children in mailing schemes. The child/teen provides the address of the apartment the family rents. A parcel arrives in child’s name. The parcel does not need to be opened, but simply handed over to a third party, for which the child will receive 20 euros.

These parcels may contain items that have been stolen, and it is not difficult to imagine what else may be there.

This happens more than once and more than twice, and children fall into a criminal scheme, can be in danger, destroy their lives, which parents, at first, do not even know.

The consequences for a person who has turned 18 in that case are even worse.

Be alert.
Talk about this danger to children. Forewarn. Reveal the threats.

I know cases when a family distances itself so much from its own child, solves its own issues that seem more important to the family… and a child/adolescent who has no life experience but has the whole range of received stress, injuries, needs communication, care, understanding, and constant explanations.

New surroundings, insufficient level of language, life in psychological tension further distance parents from children, for whom it is even more difficult to live in new circumstances, in a new place, in another country.

Parents…. Do not leave your child alone physically, psychologically, mentally.

Tatiana Barantsova