NGO "International Organization of Internally Displaced Persons with disabilities"


Together with Oleg Sokolov. Odesa region.

🎁 When we, adults, can do without a holiday, children will not have a second childhood. And even if it happened during the war years, we adults should make every effort to make sure that the children have a holiday!
And what is the most pleasant thing about the holidays for children?
Of course GIFTS 🤗🎁
🙏 I sincerely thank Tetyana Barantsova, Global fund for children, NGO LRO AMI-East, IO “World of Ukraine” for the wonderful sweet gifts that I was able to give to the “Ukrainian Medical Center for the Rehabilitation of Mothers and Children of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”.
🌟 And let the joy of children be transmitted to us, adults. We will definitely win!” – Oleg Sokolov.