NGO "International Organization of Internally Displaced Persons with disabilities"


I opened the messenger and received so many warm text messages… You probably did a lot with your colleagues and partners, if these beautiful words came to us today).

Therefore, I must say well – known things – we say that December 3 is a day – a reminder to society about a certain category of people, their needs, problems, common obligations, rights….
This is if it is tolerant.
But…. If not tolerant, then…

In every draft law, in every state tax service, regulation, in almost any regulatory act of each department, the state tries to take into account the interests of people with disabilities, precisely so that real cases are permanent, and not reduced to some kind of reminder on December 3.

Still, it’s so simple❗ – to do everything prescribed in the norms of the law!

…. Yeah …. I must be diplomatic for the sake of great respect for those who do everything possible for vulnerable categories of citizens and, in these difficult times, do the impossible.

…. Friends, who are now forced to live abroad, please write how this day is celebrated in Europe?

In post-Soviet countries-yes, but in others…

No. Because employment, education, and accessibility are the norms.

The entire Facebook feed today reflects a lot of opinions.

And yet…. No matter what, we all understand that Ukraine has achieved a lot.

Our own experience, professional and social activities, and results allow us to talk about this. Everyone who is forced to live abroad now and has the opportunity to feel it, especially.

Let’s hold on and work!
And we remember that in a situation of war and humanitarian crisis, people with disabilities remain the most vulnerable category that needs help more than ever.

Thank you for your help in solving the problems of people with disabilities and their families

Олександр Ярема, Олег Немчінов, Виталий Мущинин, Наталія Кулик, Lyudmila Fursova, Віталіна Клапцуняк, Iuliia Davydova, Валерій Сушкевич, Микола Подрезан, Вікторія Назаренко, Алла Волобуева, Антон Волохов, Joseph V Bednarek, Liza Yanovich, Евгения Ратихина, Pablo Mateu, Gunta Anča, Veronica Shelest, Aleksandr Troshanin, Niyara Chubarova, Iveta Neimane, Andris Berzins, Natalie’s Kitchen, Ksusha Litvak, Oleksandr Voloshynskyy, Evan Slvyeuw, Александра Литвиненко, Евгений Свет, Екатерина Безгинская, Alex Soroka

and all, friends and partners who support Ukrainians with disabilities in different parts of the world.