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The Ukrainian Disability ID Card is not valid in Latvia. Ukrainians must undergo a medical examination in accordance with Latvian legislation, as countries have different approaches to disability assessment criteria and the support system as a whole.

The Law “On Support of the Civilian Population of Ukraine” does not provide for equating a disability established in Ukraine with the status of a disability in Latvia, including for the purpose of obtaining assistance provided by the state or municipalities to mitigate the consequences of disability. According to the regulations of the Republic of Latvia, a person with a disability is considered a person who has passed a medical examination and received the status of a person with a disability in Latvia in accordance with the Latvian criteria for determining disability.

The right to pass the disability examination in Latvia

Amendments to the Law of May 27, 2022 provide citizens of Ukraine with this right. Article 7.2 “Establishment of disability and support measures to reduce the consequences of disability” provides that citizens of Ukraine have the same right to an examination on disability as disabled persons defined in the law for citizens of Latvia and non-citizens of Latvia, as well as to support measures to reduce the consequences of disability, if they are in the Republic of Latvia with a valid long-term visa or residence permit. The State Commission of Doctors for the Assessment of Health and Working Capacity carries out the examination for the establishment of disability. The commission is responsible for determining disability status and assigning appropriate benefits and support. The decision to establish disability is made within one month from the date of receipt of the application and is established for the period of validity of the long-term visa or residence permit. Information about a person’s disability and related medical reports are stored in the Disability Information System, the data of which is also available to social services.

Documents for processing disability in Latvia

To submit an application to the State Commission, a citizen of Ukraine needs to collect the necessary documentation, including medical reports that confirm the presence of health disorders and their severity. The following are submitted to the State Commission:

If the citizen does not have medical documents confirming the severity of the health disorder and its impact on the person’s life, the following are submitted to the State Commission:

Information on the procedure for submitting documents to the State Commission for Disability Examination

In case of doubts or insufficient information, the commission will contact you or your family doctor directly.

Social assistance for people with disabilities in Latvia

Ukrainians who received a Disability ID Card in Latvia are entitled to a supplement to family state assistance, as well as assistance for caring for a person with a disability who needs care. State social assistance for people with disabilities can be received if a person has lived in Latvia for at least three months from the date of issuance of a long-term visa or residence permit. To receive this assistance, it is necessary to contact the State Social Insurance Agency with an application. You will find more information on the official website.