NGO "International Organization of Internally Displaced Persons with disabilities"


Organizers: Global Fund for Children, IO “World of Ukraine”, AMI-East, Luhansk Regional Adaptation Center for Youth with Physical Disabilities, Youth and Sports Department of the Luhansk Regional State Administration – 🤝 united to present a holiday to Ukrainian families who are currently in different countries of the world!


We are very happy that we were able to bring joy and a festive mood to the children who found shelter in Riga.

Our girls and boys have health problems, their lives are complicated by war and evacuation, so such events are extremely important.

Thanks to our invaluable friends Gunta AnčaAndris BerzinsNiyara ChubarovaIveta Neimane for their big hearts and help! Peace and happiness to you always!

Thank you, Irina Therlrtskaya!


It is impossible to express in words how happy we are to support a courageous, talented, friendly family that escaped from Donetsk in 2014, and in 2022 had to leave their home again and save their children abroad.

Amazing Ukrainians, the poet Yana Gozdo and the lawyer Valentyn Gozdo, not only raise their two wonderful children, but also help other Ukrainians who have found refuge in Austria.

We are very happy to wish the children a Merry Christmas!


Wherever Ukrainian children are now, we engage them in communication, dream together with them and give faith in miracles!

Thank you, Alexey Teslia and Elena Teslia!


Merry Christmas to the little Ukrainians in Poland!

Together with Romka. Thank you for your cooperation!


Families from the Luhansk region, who twice had to save their children from the war, are now in the Swedish city of Övertorneå. It is difficult to convey what trials befell their lot, especially if in one family 3 people have disabilities.

But their optimism and faith supports not only this family, but also others.

Today we wish the charming Ukrainian girls and their parents a Merry Christmas! With the help of Oleh Trachuk and Yuliya Trachuk, the children visited Santa!


The city of Hannover. Our Ukrainian families from Luhansk Oblast united on Christmas Eve to create a holiday for children. A wonderful master class on creating a miracle with your own hands!

Together with Maryna Tolokova and David Tololokov. Thank you!