NGO "International Organization of Internally Displaced Persons with disabilities"


Gunta Anča 💓 Sustento 💓 Niyara Chubarova 💓 Iveta Neimane 💓 Mēs pateicamies par jūsu draudzību, par atbalstu, par jūsu siltumu!

With the support of Gunta Anca, we evacuated 18 people in the early days of the war, including children, children with disabilities, women with disabilities, elderly women. After a dangerous and challenging journey, people were accommodated with love and care by Andris Berzins. Throughout the entire journey, Gunta provided remote assistance, organizing stops, meals, and accommodations in Poland, Lithuania. Then there was comprehensive assistance to exhausted individuals in obtaining wheelchairs, medications, and medical consultations.

2 months later, the evacuation of the boarding house from Bakhmut began. People in serious condition, vulnerable, endlessly frightened. Gunta organized buses, escorts, blankets, medicines, personal hygiene products, accommodation, support throughout the time our Ukrainians are in Latvia.

Next came the evacuation of 32 children with disabilities from the Svyatogorsk boarding house, where they had lived since 2014. Gunta made sure that Jurmala accepted our children.

This was followed by humanitarian aid, thanks to which we were able to equip temporary accommodation centres for evacuated people with disabilities in Lviv, Zakarpattia Region, and Dnieper.

In November 2023, the most severely affected families received the basic necessities for their individual needs, and this will last them for several months. Gunta Anca is always nearby!

When on difficult business trips we drive a thousand kilometers a day along the roads of Europe, with monitoring, help for vulnerable Ukrainian families, I call Gunta from the Czech Republic – a tire has burst, and I don’t know where and there is no help, no service station, no one stops.

I’m driving myself. My husband and I are carrying a load for Ukrainian children with disabilities in Slovakia. Suddenly something happened to the wiring in the car. It smokes… And the two of us are in wheelchairs, in the dark, in emptiness, and not a single car stops. Again I write to Gunta, and she is nearby!

And then the Riga Academy! 💓 How much necessary, positive, professional, human, warm, good things our team received in beautiful Latvia.

Gunta, Sustento, Andris, Latvia – thank you for your powerful help and hearts ❤💞