NGO "International Organization of Internally Displaced Persons with disabilities"


Our non-stop marathon of supporting children in difficult situations continues!

Sweet, beautiful, talented 💞 Ksusha Litvak 💞 created amazing backpacks for Ukrainian children! They hurried to Ukraine before the New Year from the USA from Ksenia Litvak’s art studio. Backpacks are made with incredible love and care!

Creativity is the best thing that can distract from sadness, worries, even during sirens, even in shelter! Thank you, Ksenia, for a huge contribution to raising the psycho-emotional state of little Ukrainians!

Alla Vasylyshyn: “Christmas and New Year’s holidays are a fabulous period for children. They are waiting for miracles and gifts from Nicholas (probably somewhere deep in their souls, adults are also waiting for a special miracle from God – peace for our country). My children also received their gifts , for which I sincerely want to thank Tatiana Barantsova, AMI-East and IO World of Ukraine. In such a difficult period that our country is going through, they find strength and opportunities to provide invaluable assistance to children with disabilities, IDPs, orphans, and many other vulnerable groups people.
I would like to personally thank Ksenia Litvak for the wonderful design of the backpacks. Thank you for your work, mercy and all the goodness with which you ignite children’s souls with faith in a fairy tale.”

Borodyanka city. Boys from displaced families affected by the war. It just so happens that these are their first backpacks, but look what a bunch of surprises and gifts are inside! 💞

Many thanks to Yuliya Chalaya, Liza Yanovich, Nova Poshta!

Organizers: IO “Word Ukraine”, AMI-East, Luhansk Regional Adaptation Center for Youth with Physical Disabilities.

Together with Natalia Kulyk, Alla Volobueva, Vitalina Klaptsunyak, Oleksandr Voloshynskyy, Ekaterina Bezginskaya, Anton Volokhov, Evgenia Ratikhina.