NGO "International Organization of Internally Displaced Persons with disabilities"


In 2022, mother Irina and her daughter Marina, who has had a disability since childhood, just made repairs at home. Marina moves in a wheelchair and with the help of a walker. They didn’t watch TV or follow the news, so they couldn’t imagine that a rocket would arrive in their yard on the second of February.

Windows were broken in the house and the lights were gone.

The woman and her daughter could not evacuate due to lack of funds. They were afraid to go to the bus, because bus stops were constantly shelled by the invaders, and a lot of people died at these stops when they got on evacuation buses. Mrs. Irina still hoped that the military operations would end soon, and therefore hesitated to evacuate, and it was impossible to leave her native home.

Fortunately, the woman still decided to leave, and a few days later she found out that a rocket had arrived at her house and only the foundation remained of it. Now they live in the Dnipro region.

Unfortunately, there are no rehabilitation facilities nearby, and this is very important for Marina, because she loses her movement skills. The only thing that supports the girl at the moment is online classes in English, vocals, art therapy, and other socio-cultural events organized and conducted by the Public Organization “AMI-East” and the International Organization Of Displaced Persons With Disabilities “World Of Ukraine”.

My mother Irina got a job in Kryvyi Rih, but the road to work takes a very long time, because she is far from her current home. Marina is at home all day by herself. Her communication is only online.

The family needs architecturally affordable housing, rehabilitation and psychological assistance.

Recorded By Alla Vasilishin