NGO "International Organization of Internally Displaced Persons with disabilities"


The topic of the third working day of the Riga Academy is education, from primary school to university. And the most important question is whether this education is accessible to everyone – including children and young people with special needs? We will get acquainted with inclusive educational opportunities and services offered at school.
We had the opportunity to visit two educational institutions in Riga. The first was the University of Latvia’s House of Science. Here we were pleasantly surprised by the carefully thought-out facilities for students, including free use of laptops. The architectural accessibility for people with disabilities, especially for those who use wheelchairs, also attracted attention.

In the afternoon, we visited the College of Tourism and Creative Industry. The building itself was impressive with its modern design. We also noticed the accessibility of the building and its interior. Here, students had the opportunity not only to learn a new profession with the latest technology, but also to gain practical skills, such as cooking delicacies, making sandwiches and other practical skills.